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Coach & Leader as Coach Training

Our programmes are relevant to a wide range of professionals wishing to build coaching capability such as Senior Leaders, Managers, HR and L&D Professionals, consultants and aspiring coaches.


  • ILM Coaching for Managers Endorsed Programme
  • ILM Level 3 Coaching Award & Certificate Programme
  • ILM Level 5 Coaching, Certificate & Diploma Programme


Qualifications & Accreditation

Our Leader as Coach Programmes help mangers at all levels develop their coaching approachand skills.

You can choose to complete:

  • Two day workshop to complete and Leader as Coach Programme
  • Three day workshop to complete an ILM Endorsed certificate in coaching
  • Three day workshop, plus tutorials, assignments, specified coaching hours and essential reading to complete a level 3 Award or Certificate in Coaching
  • Five day workshop, plus tutorials, assignments, specified coaching hours, essential reading to complete a level 5 certificate or diploma

We can also design with you a bespoke in house programme or you can join one of our open programmes.

Our Programmes

Traditional directive styles of telling staff what to do and expecting them to do it may not get the results your organization needs. While a “command & control” style may get things done in the short term, it does not build capability and provides little opportunity for learning and development.

A coaching approach takes the Manager away from the command and control and towards development and accountability. The Manager is better able to harvest the “potential” of their staff and hold them accountable for their own development and performance.

Adopting a coaching approach and equipping managers with a coaching tool kit enables them to manage themselves and develop their staff much more effectively.

There is an increasing demand in today’s workforce for managers to be more resilient, to be better able to deal with adversity and remain optimistic in challenging times. An effective coaching manager needs to be resilient and to be able to enable employees to build resilience too.

We include pre and post Resilience testing and actively work with participants to build their resilience levels.

Training Model

Our model of training is to work in an iterative way where we:

  1. Present theory and skills and give case history examples;
  2. Present live demonstration of the skills in action;
  3. Set exercises for the candidate to practice the skills;
  4. Facilitate peer and tutor feedback on skills deployment;
  5. Present new skills and repeat the learning cycle.

We use PowerPoint presentations, large and small group exercises, coaching skills practice triads, use of video and provide a comprehensive coaching workbook.

Who Will Benefit?

Our trainings are designed for Managers working within organizations who have responsibility for leading and developing others.

They are highly applicable to all levels of management from first line team leaders to senior management team and Chief Executive Level.

If you are managing staff you will benefit from these programmes.

Embedding a Coaching Culture

We can work with your organisation to train your staff in coaching and then support you in developing your organisations coaching strategy and establishing the structure, systems and process for embedding coaching in the organisation.

We are currently working with a wide range of organisations who are embedding a coaching approach within the workplace to support employee engagement, performance and learning and development.

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