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Executive, Team & Maternity Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching delivers an individualized development programme that supports executives to build competence, confidence and capability to achieve business goals.

It offers a learning environment where executives can accelerate both personal effectiveness and career performance.

Our programmes are very effective in working with emerging talent, leaders in transition, building resilience, developing leaders of the future and enhancing personal and organisational impact.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching provides an opportunity for teams to build understanding on how they can work best together, positively manage conflict and collectively create strong business outcomes.

Some of the factors that enhance learning and development in a group context are: The availability of positive role models, amplification of learning responses in a group setting, the power of peer pressure and to engage with the realities including the “elephants” in the room.

Team coaching provides an opportunity to identify with something larger than ourselves – be part of a greater endeavour and strengthening of identity with the organisation and its goals and objectives.

Maternity Coaching

Maternity Coaching supports talented women to successfully manage the critical transition in their personal lives in the context of their professional lives.

Research tells us that across many sectors, organisations are significantly at risk of losing female talent within 12-18 months of maternity leave.

We recommend four coaching sessions, one prior to maternity leave and three in the first six months  of return to work.

Coaching is completely confidential and the agenda driven by women in response to their individual needs. It offers an independent, experienced, resourceful and supportive thinking partner that can enable women to explore new ways of working and relating to others within the new personal and professional context they are operating.

It can support new strategies for career development, managing relationships, building visibility and enhancing confidence and resilience.


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