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Leadership & Team Coaching & Psychometric

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching delivers an individualised development programme that supports executives to build competence, confidence and capacity to achieve business goals.

It offers a supportive but challenging learning environment where executives can accelerate personal effectiveness, career performance and the achievement of business objectives.

Advance Coaching programmes are delivered to emerging talent, new leaders, leaders in transition and Senior Leadership Teams.


Team Coaching

Teams are living systems that operate within wider eco systems and for them to mature into High-Performance Teams i.e. when the team can create outcomes that are greater than the sum of its individual parts; then a Systemic Team Coaching approach can best mature this.

Systemic Team Coaching is a process of coaching the whole team together and apart over a set period of time to: collaborate and learn across diversity, develop collective leadership, align on common purpose, achieve performance objectives, engage effectively with key stakeholder groups and jointly transform the wider business (Hawkins).

Advance Systemic Team Coaching programmes are delivered to Leadership and Senior Leadership Teams.


Psychometric Assessments

Leadership and Team Coaching programmes are often supported with the use of individual personality profiling and 360 assessments. Advance is fully accredited through the British Psychological Society to administer and provide feedback on a range of Psychometric Assessments to support learning and development.


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