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Recommended Reading

Coaching Books

Book Title Summary
Brilliant Coaching : Julie Starr Combines theory and practical skills on how to be a brilliant coach in the workplace.
Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace How to develop, motivate and get the best from your staff through coaching.
Neuropsychology for Coaches : Paul Brown and Virginia Brown A practical book explaining the basic brain functioning and offers a guide to using this knowledge to advance coaching practice.
Coaching to Solutions : Carole Pemberton A managers toolkit for performance delivery.
Co-active Coaching : Whitworth, Kimsey-House & Sandahl Coaching model, tools and techniques, practical and easy to adapt to your own use.
Excellence in Coaching, Diversity in Coaching, Psychometrics in Coaching 7, Leadership in Coaching, Supervision in Coaching : Association for Coaching & Jonathan Passmore Great series of books produced by the Association for Coaching. An essential addition to your coaching library.

Leadership Books

Book Title Summary
Strength’s Based Leadership : Tom Rath Research based on evidence of the keys to effective leadership.
Time to Think : Nancy Kline Listening at a whole new level, this will change your leadership for the better!
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team : Patrick Lencioni A gripping analysis of what makes teams work effectively.
Crucial Confrontations Tools for resolving touchy, controversial or complex issues at work and home.
Managing to be Human : Brian F Smyth Leading business organisations with integrity and effectiveness.
The EQ Edge : Steve Stein & Howard E Book The dynamic of emotional intelligence and understanding how to use its insights in coaching and the workplace.

Women & Leadership Books

Book Title Summary
Through the Labyrinth : (Centre for Public Leadership) The truth about how women become leaders and why women’s paths to power remain difficult to traverse.
Why Women Mean Business : Avivah Wittenberg-Cox A long awaited book highlighting the importance of gender balance as a business issue.
Lead In : Sheryl Sandberg Women, work and the will to lead. Great book!
Wander Woman : Marcia Reynolds For high achieving women who expect more from themselves and keep searching for something more. Lovely book!
Voice of Influence : Judy Apps How to get people to love to listen to you. Finding your authentic voice and expressing yourself with integrity and presence.
Womenomics : Claire Shipman & Katy Kay Blueprint for changing the way you live and work.
Tales from the Glass Ceiling : Jo Haigh A survival guide for women in business.

Personal Development Books

Book Title Summary
Kiss That Frog : Brian Tracy 12 great ways to turn negatives to positives in your life and work.
Learned Optimism : Martin Seligman Simple techniques for developing optimism
Instant Confidence : Paul McKenna A short and easy to read programme for building confidence. It works!
How to be Brilliant : Michael Heppell If being good isn’t good enough and you want to achieve the very best and be the very best, this book is brilliant!
Overcoming Low Self Esteem : Melanie Fennell A really useful self-help book using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to improve self-esteem.
Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway : Susan Jeffers Simple approaches to transforming anxiety and fear into confidence and action.
Taming Your Gremlin : Rick Carson Some great ideas on tracking that self-defeating inner critic.
The Four Agreements, Practical Guide to Personal Freedom : Don Miguel Ruiz A simple approach to life about personal freedom and happiness.
59 Seconds : Professor Richard Wiseman A self-help book with a difference – all of its content is underpinned with research. It will help you be a little happier, perform a little better and improve your relationships.

Career Books

Book Title Summary
Brilliant CV : Bright and Earl Learn how to write CVs that make the shortlist.
Brilliant Interviews : Ross Jay Learn to present yourself in the best possible way and understand what interests interviewers most.
What Colour in Your Parachute : Richard N Bolles A practical manual for job hunters and career changers.
Career Coach : Corinne Mills Personal workbook for a better career. A good read if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your professional self and take your job seeking to the next level.
If Not Now, When? How to Take Charge of Your Career : Camilla Arnold A really useful resource, packed with practical exercises, tips and advice to get your career onto the right track. Covers all the elements from understanding yourself and what you want, right through to interview techniques.


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